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Is indexed colors possible?

Is there any cross-platform way to use indexed color modes in OpenTK? In windows GL programming that can be selected in the 'standard' opengl initialization, but OpenTK:s glControl seems to 'automatically' select a pixel format (???). The reason I need indexed colors is that I'm working on a cross platform CAD program, and need some nice XOr:ed rubberboxes (using GL.LogicOp with Xor) which only works in indexed modes...



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It is possible to do this, but not yet automatically (i.e. through the Windows.Forms designer). What you can do right now is edit the designer-generated code and change the constructor from:

GLControl glControl1 = new GLControl();


GLControl glControl1 = new GLControl(new GraphicsMode(...));

and setup the GraphicsMode you want.

I'm planning to add designer support for this at some point.