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Robotech MMO

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This is my pet project. It is intended to be a 3D MMO based on the Anime series Robotech.

The game will allow players to control a human avatar that will be able to interact with a number of transformable mecha, ground vehicles, and space craft.
The game features a solar system sized map with millimeter precision that will allow players to visit 1:1 scale models of all planets and moons. The game features a dynamic terrain generation system that allows smooth transitions from orbit to the surface without any "zoning".

Surface details will be relatively low compared to a standard 10km sq map. For the earth, I use a blend NASA radar height map data for the course elevation and some height map templates for the finer surface variations.

The physics will be a relaxed Newtonian to balance realism with playability.

RobotechMMO website

This project has spawned 2 related open source projects thus far.


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This shows the skeletal animation system I am developing.

Currently, it reads MilkShape files and uses OpenTK for its Math and OpenGL libraries.

I am working on the animation controller and lighting.

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Coolness! I like the way he transforms .. must have been quite a lot of design work getting the transformation correct?

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We have a few fellas who work on the models. Yeah though, the beta took a while to do.

That is the "uncut" animation. The animation controller will cut it into "tracks" and handle the looping and blending.