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OpenTK 0.3.11 release tomorrow.

Ok, the deadlock bug plaguing OpenTK has been traced to the System.Windows.Forms.Message structure. I've replaced it with the MSG implementation from Mono, and it works flawlessly now!

Among other things, I've updated the OpenGL bindings (yet again), to add function overloads missed by the generator. An annoying Mono bug, which crashed the 'T10: GLSL Cube' example, has been worked around and a couple of new examples showing basic GameWindow usage have been added. Progress on GLX has hit a snag (pointers to managed structs are not allowed), so GLX bindings will have to wait until the next release. Last but not least, I've corrected the disposable pattern implementations after reading some more material on it - the previous way did not create problems, but the new one should be faster.

All in all, 0.3.11 will be another bugfix release, which will correct almost all known bugs (including the Visual Studio crash). The next release will contain some nice new goodies - and after a year of development we are finally getting close to beta status! :)

EDIT: I just found a serious bug introduced in 0.3.10 where GCHandles are not being released. I'll be fixing this for 0.3.11, as it is quite serious!