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problem with Examples.exe

I downloaded opentk 0.9.1 version and tried the examples given.

On executing "mono Examples" every example works well except ... OpenAL :PLayback one.

On executing it fails with following error :

Testing WaveReader(Data/Audio/the_ring_that_fell.wav).ReadToEnd()

Segmentation fault

Please help !!!

I am using Ubuntu 8.04 and have installed libopenal0a and linopenal-dev.


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Ubuntu ships with an ancient, buggy implementation of OpenAL. See here for details. (Note: this affects most distros, not only Ubuntu).

The real solution is to get distros to switch to OpenAL Soft, which has effectively replaced the old "Sample Implementation". Please, make a post to the aforementioned bug page - the more people that request this change, the more likely it is to make it to Ubuntu 8.10.

For an immediate solution, you should build OpenAL Soft manually: Install "build-essential", "alsa-dev" and "cmake" and follow the OpenAL Soft build instructions (pretty much type cmake and wait a few seconds).

Once that's ready, copy "" to the Examples.exe directory and point OpenTK to the new library: open OpenTK.dll.config and replace "" by "./" (this is the latest version of OpenAL Soft).

Edit: It seems openal-soft made it to Intrepid. Great!