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not sure how how LIRC

Hi all

have been developing a media center in openTK for a coupla weeks now using VS2008/monoDevlop, all is going well


i have just hit a wall that i cant seem to google a correct answer for

how do i include LIRC support in my application (i realise this isnt specifically an openTK question), if anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it

many thanks


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LIRC = Linux Infrared Remote Control?

I don't know how LIRC works exactly, but it should expose a /dev/lirc device (which you can open and send commands to), provide an unmanaged library that handles the communication or, probably, both.

If there is a library, you'll need to find out how to use its native API (from tutorials/examples/documentation) and then write a managed wrapper to call this API from C#. If there's no library, AFAIK Mono provides methods to open devfs/sysfs files (Mono.Unix or something like that).

In any case, you should start by reading the LIRC documentation. Once you find out how to use its native API, you can proceed to use it from managed code - where we'll be able to help you (e.g. if you get stuck with a specific wrapper or how to open /dev/lirc and the like).

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Hi Fiddler .. thanks for the quick response .. the pointer is appreciated .. i just wasnt sure where to start .. that definatly helps .. rob

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after a little bit more digging i have found that someone has done the C# bindings already .. check this link if anyones wondering



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Excellent, this should help a lot.