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One time key input

Hello, I 'm a bit struggling with a problem here... I have this piece of code which basically alters a boolean variable amongst the two available values.

if (Keyboard.[Key.Space])
				this.alertState = !this.alertState;

The trick I want to achieve here, is not to check constantly for a key press but give it a shot only once!

That means that the above piece of code behaves like this, because my human timing cannot sync with the software update timing. ;-)
Updates: 1 2 3 4 n
Input: X X X X n

And I would like to achieve this:
Updates: 1 2 3 4 n
Input: X - - - n

Sorry for asking C# based (not OpenTK) questions.



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If you are under Windows.Forms, you could use KeyDown events instead of the Keyboard device.

If you are under GameWindow, I think you'll have to roll your own "space pressed event" logic:

class Game {
   bool spaceDown = false;
   void SomeMethod() {
     if(Keyboard[Key.Space] && !spaceDown) {
       spaceDown = true;
       alertState = !alertState;
     if(!Keyboard[Key.Space] && spaceDown)
       spaceDown = false;

This way "alertState" only changes when the "Space key pressed" event occur.

(the word "pressed" is a little ambigous to me - "click" is more to-the-point but is used for the mouse input device in everyday language)

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Or, you can use the KeyDown event of the keyboard device, just like Windows.Forms. :)

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Ah.. Nice :)

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Oops, I 've just seen one example in OpenTK (one that makes the user select Fullscreen or Window mode). Thanks anyway. ;-)