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Glu InvalidEnum error [resolved]


I am trying to get some surface vertex data back from a Glu Nrubs renderer, and attempt to use:

Glu.NurbsCallback( NR, NurbsCallback.NurbsVertexExt, nurbsTesselateHandler );

to make it work...

However, when the above line is called, my Glu error handler is called with a "invalid enumerant" error..

Am I doing something wrong, or is this not implemented in OpenTK yet? Is there perhaps some other way I can get the tesselated surface data?

- oyvindra


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I get the same error from
Glu.NurbsProperty( NR, NurbsProperty.NurbsMode, (float)NurbsProperty.NurbsTessellator );

When I try to set the nurbsrenderer to tesselate mode, (gluNurbsProperty(this−>nurb, GLU_NURBS_MODE, GLU_NURBS_TESSELLATOR); in c++ )

Glu.NurbsPropery( NR, NurbsProperty.SamplingMethod, (float)NurbsSampling.DomainDistance ); work just fine, so the problem seems to be with NurbsMode...

I have found that NurbsMode should only work with Glu 1.3 or higher, so what version is OpenTK aiming for?

As far as I can see from testing with Glu.NurbsCallback( NurbsRenderer, *NurbsCallback enum*, null);

the only NurbsCallback enum that doesn't give me an "invalid enumerant" error is NurbsCallback.Error and NurbsCallback.NurbsError (they are equal in value)

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It could be that the NurbsMode token has an invalid value (the value is taken from the original SGI .spec files). I'll have to check that when I get back from work.

Btw, OpenTK always targets the latest official OpenGL specs (i.e. the ones available on http://opengl.org/registry) - 2.1 as of now, 3.0 once that is made available (around the end of August or September).

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Aha!, my bad.

The reason for my errors was that my glu32.dll was for version 1.2 of Glu, which doesn't support those functions.

I found one 1.3 dll that I dropped into my directory and it got no error...

Does anyone know of the best 1.3 dll that can be found?