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OpenTK 0.3.11 is out!

This release corrects many of the remaining bugs, and adds more complete GLU bindings.

Download here!

    Notable changes:

  • OpenTK no longer corrupts the stack under 32-bit Windows. Fixes lockups and crashes encountered on these platforms. May also correct interminent stack imbalance MDAs.
  • GLControl no longer creates an OpenGL render context in design mode. Improves Visual Studio stability, memory consumption and speed.
  • GLU bindings updated. All core and extension functions are included now, although not all work correctly yet (e.g. tesselator functions).
  • GL bindings updated: Trailing 'v's are now trimmed (i.e. GetShaderv becomes GetShader - this is a breaking change). Allocated GCHandles are correctly released now.
  • Sped up OpenGL extension loading and added timing information. The current loading method needs ~850ms under 64-bit Windows/ATI drivers (2GHz Athlon64 CPU). Linux/Mesa seems faster.
  • Added new examples (but the more juicy ones are disabled - they need more work).
  • Improved generator speed (GLU bindings are now generated in 5 seconds, down from 360 seconds).

I've also updated several sections of this site, and started writing the OpenTK programming manual.

All in all an important update, with little in the way of new features but with much better stability. Happy coding!