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OpenAL Playback example broken on Vista/32bit

I tried to run the example program "OpenAL: Playback" after installing OpenAL on Vista. OpenTK 0.9.1 (.7z) from sf.net, downloaded today.

First few runs gives me one-or-two dots ".." before the program exits. There was a short high-frequency noise during those runs.

Then, the third time I double-clicked the example, it played for like ".................." that many dots :) More high-frequency noise, somewhat resembling the falling ring-wav sample played in Windows Media Player, but not really similar.

Any ideas based on this description of the problem?

I'm on a updated Windows Vista Business system running on a HP Pavillion dv2000 laptop.


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This is a problem with the native openal implementation. Chances are, you are using the sample implementation from Creative's site, which is very old and buggy - just switch to openal soft and the problems will go away.

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I'm on Windows and without the tools to compile the OpenAL Soft library.

Someone help out..?

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If you give me your email address (private message) I'll mail you the last build I got. Currently neither have some webspace to dump it on, nor the time to find a decent deal for one - sorry.

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I got the compiled binaries from you Inertia, thanks. Tried it on WinXP at home and Vista at work, result is identical: it works albeit there is a "spark"-sound when playback finishes. Not a big problem IMHO (I think this is a non-issue since I remember hearing such sounds when AAA games shutdown..)

@Inertia, Fiddler:

Since I have these two .dll (both 32-bit and 64-bit), maybe we could use these onsite, maybe at the installation page for Windows? Green light putting them there?

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It's not that simple, as these depend on the visual studio 2008 runtime (which is not *that* widespread yet). Let me check if I have a VM with VS2005 lying around first.

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Hmm. I have Visual Studio C# 2008 Express Edition installed on both mentioned computers -- but why would the DLLs require them installed..? I assume the DLLs were compiled using Visual C++ 2008? I do not have MSVC C++ 2008 compiler installed on any of the computers..

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I assume the DLLs were compiled using Visual C++ 2008?
Yes, and that's the problem: to use the dlls you need the 2008 C runtime library. If these are compiled with MSVC 2005, they only need the 2005 runtime library.

OpenTK depends on .Net 2.0, which in turn depends on the 2005 runtime library. The whole point of using the 2005 compiler is to avoid the extra 5-10MB download for the 2008 runtime.

I'll build the dlls tomorrow and upload them to here.