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Examples.exe doesnt work with linux(suse11)


examples.exe doesn't work. when i start it with "mono Examples.exe" everything seems to be correct. but when i click one example nothing happens.

i tried everything.

please help me


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Ok, first things first: what is the result of "mono --version"?

The next step is to replace the OpenTK.dll with the one found in the Binaries/Debug folder. Copy&paste, execute the app with "mono --debug Examples.exe" and post the output here - this will help see what the problem is.

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Just a guess:
I had this problem when I first time tried opentk in linux,
I need install mono's windows.forms packet from repos.

And my opentk examples:

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mono version:
Mono JIT compiler version 1.9.1
Copyright (C) 2002-2007 Novell, Inc and Contributors.
TLS: __thread
Included Boehm (with typed GC)
SIGSEGV: normal

Notifications: epoll

Architecture: x86
Disabled: none


mono --debug Examples.exe:
** Message: Unknown errno: Das Programm kann nicht ausgeführt oder verändert werden (busy)
// program can not execute or changed (busy)

after i replaced opentk.dll:
(befor the "opentk example launcher" comes - this error message:

Could not access debug.log


i've replaced mono winform. but this couldnt be the solution. no opentk program runs also if there is no

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hmm. doesn't the "Could not access debug.log" line look suspicious?

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also doesnt start in linux
no error message

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Please follow the Fiddlers advice above and post here.

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Ive already written it. two posts ago

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Sorry for that! I must be a little bit more attentive reading posts I guess :)

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now Ive another error:

Initilalizing threaded X11:1
Display Connection: 141072168, Screen count:1

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The "debug.log" error means that the previous instance is still running. Check if "ps -A | grep mono" returns something, and kill the process with "killall -9 mono".

Can you post all debug messages? The above actually indicate that things are working alright (up to that point).