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Examples.exe doesnt work with linux(suse11)


examples.exe doesn't work. when i start it with "mono Examples.exe" everything seems to be correct. but when i click one example nothing happens.

i tried everything.

please help me


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many instances were runnnig. i killed all. great no "debug.log"

but still nothing happens after this:
Initilalizing threaded X11:1
Display Connection: 141072168, Screen count:1

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Alright, I will update my version of OpenSUSE and try to reproduce. What video card/drivers do you have?

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Ive also tried in Suse 10.3

Video card: nvidia geforce 7100/nforce 630i

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even Debian doesnt work on another desktop

am i doing anything totally wrong

what must i have to let it run?

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i have a solution.

debian was too old.
it wasnt suse 11 it was suse 10.3

and suse 11 works.

thanks all to you

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You are welcome.

So was it an old version of Mono? (Mono 1.2.6+ should work fine)

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suse 10.3 couldnt handle it

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Oops, there is something wrong in my examples on linux, null pointer exp. but im working on it. or if someone finds the problem, please tell.