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fonts doesnt work with linux (ubuntu 8.04)

Fonts doesnt work with linux (newest svn version of opentk). But with opentk 0.9.1 fonts works fine.

In my code:

ITextPrinter printer = new TextPrinter();
TextureFont font = new TextureFont(new Font(FontFamily.GenericSerif, 24.0f));

printer.Draw("blah - blaa bluu ", font); // this line doesnt work

(printer!=null && font!=null)

output (with svn vers & linux):

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at OpenTK.Platform.GdiPlus.GetNativeGraphics (System.Drawing.Graphics graphics) [0x00000]
at OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont.MeasureText (System.String text, SizeF bounds, System.Drawing.StringFormat format, IList`1 ranges) [0x00000]
at OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont.MeasureText (System.String text, SizeF bounds, System.Drawing.StringFormat format) [0x00000]
at OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont.LoadGlyph (Char c, System.Drawing.RectangleF& rectangle) [0x00000]
at OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont.LoadGlyphs (System.String glyphs) [0x00000]

And i tried tutorials, tut3 and 4 (fonts and text) doesnt work, same error.

Missing something, should I write text other way?

Other examples works fine.


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This is a known issue. Font routines have been rewritten more or less from scratch, but some parts are not yet commited to SVN.

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Could you please commit this changings to SVN because I can't run my game on linux for this problem. Thank you.

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Can we get an update on this issue? I am experiencing the same issue when I test on Ubuntu 8.04 x64.

For now I have disabled the affected code in my app.

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I've fixed the issue, I just need to clean up and commit the code.

Edit: Commited the fix, but there are still pending issues with fonts on Linux.