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I cant use "using OpenTK.Fonts". Fonts are not available.
I only have OpenTK.Graphics - Platform - Input - Math.

libraries are OPentk.dll und Opentk.utilities.dll

i use opentk 0.9.1 version..

Do Fonts work with Linux?



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Yes they work but there is no OpenTK.Fonts;

using OpenTK.Graphics;
ITextPrinter printer = new TextPrinter();
TextureFont font=new TextureFont(new Font(FontFamily.GenericSerif, 24.0f));
printer.Draw("Hello world", font);

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but it didnt work.

printer.Draw("hello", font);
(TypeLoadException - Type OpenTK.Patform.GdiPus in Assembly OpenTK, Version..., Culture = neutral, PublicKeyToken = null could not be loaded)

Ive got no idea?

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ok i figured it out.

Ive forgotten to place all openTK.config files in this directory

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Just to let you know that I'm working on a method to remove the need for dll.config files.