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Should we create an OpenTK Mirror?

In light of the impass we seem to be at with regard to contributing to the SVN, I am trying to think of other options. I am very reluctant to fork the code as I don't see much long term benefit from fragmenting such a small community.

As a compromise, I have been considering kanato's idea of creating an off-site mirror/branch for us to contribute to. Ideally, we could submit a unified patch to Fiddler at various intervals.
The down side to me seems that you won't get the proper credit for your commits and that Fiddler might find it more difficult to merge the code. If anyone has a better idea, please speak up.

I can set up this mirror. Would any of you be interested in contributing?

kanato, I'd really like to work with you to get the OS X support debugged/stable.


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I owe you all an apology and an explanation for my lack of response on recent discussions. First a loss of motivation (school + full-time job) and then the sudden death of a close friend have kept me off the forums, the library and indeed any other non real-life concern during the past few months.

It's only this week that I've started working on OpenTK again. I've spent some time testing the GL3 specs; cleaning up / consolidating about 10-15 different internal builds; reviewing distributed vcs options; and, for the first time!(*), actually using OpenTK for a non-trivial project (an experimental frontend to a brain-computer interface). Needless to say, I still have a lot of reading to do on these forums so please bear with me while I'm catching up.

It's getting a little late here, but I just want to add that it's more or less imperative to open up OpenTK development if the library is to ever move forward. By this I don't only mean write access, but better communication and handling of external contributions (bug/feature tracking, patch reviewing etc – things where I've dropped the ball quite heavily).

Right now I believe the best course of action is to keep working on the current SVN, branching for the next version asap (0.9.2 with just Kamujin's new game loop, the updated TextPrinter and a few math additions and bugfixes). Meanwhile, we can start pushing kanato's much-needed updates to the trunk, backporting as necessary. Then, once 0.9.2 is out we can see about switching repos and version control systems.

I'm sorry for staying in the black during this time guys – it's time to get back in the game.

(*) I distinctly remember Inertia advising this half a year ago. You were absolutely right, using something provides a totally different perspective.

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Sweet. Good to have you back.

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Welcome back, Master. As you might have seen, my powers have grown stronger and I've used mind tricks on people so they built a list of "stuff that needs to be addressed". Mwahahaharrr! *dark jedi laughter*

From what they listed, the GameWindow related issues seem most important for 0.9.2. Well, at least from where I'm standing OSX support is not making or breaking OpenTK.

Btw. The OpenAL bindings are ready to leave alpha stage, the only known gremlin with it is related to the .wav loader (clicking at end of file) but I failed to track this problem down in code. Doesn't affect the status of the bindings though, they are ready for beta. (With a big fat remark that the X-Ram Extension is still untested, due to lack of test hardware)

I don't see any good reason to switch repository. The problem was that you are the only Administrator and we agreed on that I'm staying out of anything not related to AL without checking back first. If you want my opinion who would be right to give svn write access, I'd say Kanato and JTalton, because they have proven sufficient interest, excellent engineering skills and understanding of the scope of OpenTK. Imo it's not a good idea to give write access to 10 people and see how it turns out. We have a saying in germany that roughly translates to "too many cooks ruin the meal", which has proven to be quite right.

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Welcome back Fiddler, sorry to hear that about your friend.

You said:
"By this I don't only mean write access, but better communication and handling of external contributions (bug/feature tracking, patch reviewing etc – things where I've dropped the ball quite heavily)."

That means that there is a need for a software development management system, it should be ticket based, meaning that each user grabs a specific task (like a freelancer does), and commits his work to the SVN leader/merger.

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Nice to hear from you Fiddler!

Sorry about your friend.

I think your plan for the near future is great..

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I am sorry for your loss, Fiddler.

It funny how stressed we can get over things at times, only to be reminded how ultimately trivial they are. Sometimes, it is tragedies such as the one your facing that remind us what matters most.

I hope you find peace again soon.

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Fiddler good to hear from you. Sorry about your friend. I know how that sort of thing can draw attention and motivation away from hobby projects.