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OpenTK and Cg Parameters

Hi, I'm currently using OpenTK and Tao.Cg to include shader support in the project.

There is, however a problem I cannot find a sane solution to, without adding methods doing more work than necessary. The problem is as follows:

I can get some a parameter from a cg effect file with like this:

Vector3 position = Vector3( );
IntPtr pos = Cg.cgGetEffectParameterBySemantic(CgEffect, "Position");
CgGl.cgGLSetParameter3fv(color, new float[] {position.X,position.Y,position.Z});

I'd like not to create that copy. I am aware that I can use cgGLSetParameter3f and then avoid the new array, but I really don't think that it should be necessary to use the property for each of the variables if they could just be returned as a float[].

Why does the class not provide that?

On a sidenote, anyone knows how I would provide my Cg effect file with a matrix that is not currently in the OpenGL state, but managed by myself? I.e. set a matrix parameter from something else than the state manager.


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A copy would still be needed even if the Vector class could be cast to float[]. Only If CgGl.cgGLSetParameter3fv provides a "ref float" overload will you be able to avoid the copy:

CgGl.cgGLSetParameter3fv(color, ref position.X);