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Todo list for 0.3.12

Progress: 100% complete - released

  1. [Done!] Speed up extension loading. OpenTK 0.3.11: ~850ms. Current: ~150ms under Linux/Mesa3d, ~550ms under Windows/Ati.
  2. [Done!] Mouse input with multiple mice support.
  3. [Done!] Add more constructors to DisplayMode class.
  4. [Done!] Better decouple GLContext from GLControl/GameWindow using the WindowInfo class.
  5. [Done!] Add cross-platform GLContext class for use in AgateLib (see below).
  6. [postponed] Port AgateLib to OpenTK 0.3.12. OpenTK 0.3.12 does not have fullscreen support, postponed for 0.3.13
  7. [Done!] Enable 'Vertex Arrays' and 'Extensions' examples. Add Lighting example.
  8. [Done!] Bug: Multiple keyboards detected under Windows, but all input reported from the first one.
  9. [Done!] Check: Is the Windows.MSG struct size correct?
  10. [Done!] Add Vector2, Vector3 and Vector4 structs.
  11. [Done!] Add timing information to UpdateFrame and RenderFrame, with support for fixed and variable time-steps.

Update 1: I've been a full week without internet connection (my router died) hence the lack of updates. I'm still working on the next release! :)
Update 2: The list above was broken on Firefox for some reason. I don't use Fx, and it worked on Opera/IE so the bug went unnoticed for quite some time. Fixed now.
Update 3: While I was at it, I updated the site layout a bit. I think it is a bit smoother now. There's also an RSS feed for OpenTK news (look above the OpenTK logo).
Update 4: I've started blocking user accounts that look like spam - send me an email if I mistakenly block a valid account! (stapostol where?
Update 5: I've started checking in code for OpenTK.Math. Only vector stuff for now, matrices, quaternions and random number generators will be added over the next few releases. Updated roadmap.
Update 6: GameWindow feature-creep: You can now request a fixed or variable update rate for UpdateFrame and RenderFrame (independently!). Timing information is also reported to these two functions through their EventArgs. It is now very easy to achieve framerate independence: just call GameWindow.Run(60.0, 60.0) to lock the update and render frequency at 60Hz!
Update 7: All the features I planned for this release are now complete. However, I just found out a serious bug in Mouse/Keyboard support on Linux, and the release is delayed until I manage to fix the issue. I'm also thinking to drop multiple Mouse/Keyboard support for now (and revisit this possibility after the 1.0 release).