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futex hang

I try to run a small program or the examples on a linux machine with
- Opentk 0.9.1
- Mono 2.0.1
- Kernel
- SLERT is SLES 10 based

The program start, but no window opens - nothing happens.
It looks like hanging.
With mdb the same.
With strace is the last is futex(0xcd34f0, FUTEX_WAIT, 2, NULL)!?

On an opensuse 11.0 with the same Opentk, Mono the program works fine!

Any problems with this linux (SLES10) know?



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Thanks for the report. This mono bug that looks relevant.

It is marked as resolved in Mono 2.0 - can you confirm this describes the issue you are having? If so, I'll ask the devs to reopen the bug.

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sorry for delay!!!!
I am not sure!
My application hangs ever on the first try!
The examples too!
Additional it is no web-application!

How they find out that "WaitHandle.WaitOne(timeout)" is the last call?


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Mono can generate some additional debug info. Try running it with the --debug argument, like:

mono --debug program.exe

I'm pretty sure there are even more verbose modes, but I don't know offhand how to enable them. In any case, please attach the trace so we can post it to the mono bugtracker (I don't have access to SLES, but I'm sure they will look into this).