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half type

Just noticed that Ati's drivers support

16-Bit floating point makes sense for computer graphics, 32-Bit (or higher) precision is quite an overkill for Normals or Texture Coordinates. Do you think it would make sense to add new types to OpenTK like this?

  • half
  • half2
  • half3
  • half4

They don't necessarily have to support any arithmetic operations (use float|double for that), I'm rather thinking about a container that does the pack/unpack and can be easily added to Vertex structs.


Edit: If I'm understanding page 21, section 1.5 correctly, we could use short to store it. SSE5 will support float->half and half->float conversion, so future iterations of Mono could improve conversion speed aswell.


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As long as we treat it as an opaque data type (ala IntPtr), this would be very nice.

I've added a new task at so we can keep track of this.