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OpenTK needs a logo

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions

Calling for contributions!

General guidelines (updated):

  1. It would be good if the website logo and splash screen logo are exactly the same. To increase recognition. That means it should work at very least on the website's background color and black background. (maybe black outline around it)
  2. The logo might be shown next to the OpenGL and OpenAL logos. It should not be too freaked out compared to them.
  3. Rather work with shapes and color, instead of glow, lensflare or other state-of-the-art effect.
  4. The logo should be sharp, not too blurry.
  5. People who use OpenTK are software engineers. Some kind of tool or parts used in engineering are good candidates for a symbol or icon. This is not limited to nuts&bolts or gears, think fine mechanics (e.g. clock) or electronics (e.g. computer hardware).
  6. OpenTK assumes cross-platform through .Net&Mono is the future. No medieval fonts. No anvil. No forge. No brutish tools.
  7. OpenTK favors productivity over full low-level control. A "simple, yet elegant" logo could imply this.


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Ok, time for a new monitor. Didn't even notice that and I've already increased gamma to 1.45. :)

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Well it was supposed to be very subtle, like an underline.

I've already tried a couple of logo approaches before this topic came up, but nothing felt really excellent. What I really liked was twisting the letters T and K by 90° and merge them into a single object. Here's a quick sketch, maybe someone can develop the idea further or just be honest an tell me that it's useless ;)

The basic idea was that OpenTK is primarily used for 3D. *some* 3D effect in the logo (besides basic drop shadow) might be nice.

Edit: It won't show the image for some odd reason, you'll have to click the link.

Edit 2:

sketch.png19.65 KB
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You seem to have to add the "issues" to the path, even though when you upload it does not have that in the suggested path.

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The merged TK object is very interesting. I was trying to merge the two letters but it didn't really work in 2d - hadn't thought that they could be rotated on different planes!

About the image, it seems that the preview doesn't show the correct path until you actually post the comment (it's missing the /issues folder). No idea why, just copy the path from your post.

Edit: beaten :)

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Ty, Fiddler fixed it so it shows correct path when editing.

I'm aware this sketch looks horrible and if it lands like this on the frontpage I'll hide in shame and go buy some cyanide pills, it's just supposed to show a hint in which direction this could go.

The TK should probably made with some 3D modelling application and several other angles tried first, the primary idea is to split the commonly used "Open" from the "TK". One could render the "Open" aswell in the chamfer style the Cg logo uses, it really looks pretty good.

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A few quick made images (click to open)

Edit: new image

Edit 2: just one more

(blurry, packed too much i think)

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@Inertia: Interesting design, but I honestly think it looks a bit... phallic (sorry, but it does).

@puklaus: I think the second of those images has good potential - the 3d nut and 'T' that looks like a workbench.

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Time for some brainstorming... Here are various designs (logo-based) just to be inspired. Please go on with your creative ideas.... :)

tklogos.png25.4 KB
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Being programmers we definitely need a Console font for the logo. Can I suggest this one?

edit: added another version

OpenTK.png22.62 KB
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Everybody : should we break the golden library rule of "programmer font art" and go for some animal/plant instead? Stylistic and colorful?