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OpenTK needs a logo

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions

Calling for contributions!

General guidelines (updated):

  1. It would be good if the website logo and splash screen logo are exactly the same. To increase recognition. That means it should work at very least on the website's background color and black background. (maybe black outline around it)
  2. The logo might be shown next to the OpenGL and OpenAL logos. It should not be too freaked out compared to them.
  3. Rather work with shapes and color, instead of glow, lensflare or other state-of-the-art effect.
  4. The logo should be sharp, not too blurry.
  5. People who use OpenTK are software engineers. Some kind of tool or parts used in engineering are good candidates for a symbol or icon. This is not limited to nuts&bolts or gears, think fine mechanics (e.g. clock) or electronics (e.g. computer hardware).
  6. OpenTK assumes cross-platform through .Net&Mono is the future. No medieval fonts. No anvil. No forge. No brutish tools.
  7. OpenTK favors productivity over full low-level control. A "simple, yet elegant" logo could imply this.


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Another slight thing : TK associates with TM (trademark) right now, because of its size/location. Maybe have the T and K the same size as Open?

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Edit: Websearch didn't help at all, so I'm not sure if using the same animal is enough to sue for trademark violation (both are related to 3D computer graphics)

Don't let this stop you from experimenting with ideas though, just saying there are legal limits aswell in which we can operate.

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I find it hard to believe that anyone would sue for a logo that is:

1. quite different looking (evil / funny), (black / orange)
2. For an open-source, non-competing project (a whole different thing if we were selling 3D models for profit as a direct competitor)
3. Based on a different animal - The turbosquid logo is a squid, which has eight arms + two tentacles, like a cuttlefish. The one i had was an octopus with six arms, because drawing all eight is boring ;)

That being said, I'm sure there are lots of companies with octopus logos. Cuttlefish looks kinda cool too :)

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I like the octopus idea, if you examine it closely as a specie then you will start to understand about it's true powers. Have a look here or here If there were an organism on Earth that is the most flexible and smart I would think of an octopus, I am really amazed about it! :P

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I like the the octopus logo in post #58 myself. Aquatic organisms make good logos :)
I would suggest a few things to improve upon it. (1) Make TM the same size as the O (I like how it's a different color though). (2) Replace green with orange. (3) Tilt the octopus's head upwards, and make him look like he's being supported by some legs instead of his back. For some reason when I look at that I imagine him skidding on his "back."

I always think of this video when I think of octopi:

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Ok, here's a new bunch of examples.

This octopus (hexapus?) is vector based, so it's easier to move the arms and scale it...
It also looks a little more serious, but don't be fooled, inside every serious hexapus is a small playful jello.

And with another color for the text, for good measure..

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Promised, this is my last comment about the tentacle thingy:

  • The wikipedia article points out "short lifespan" and "death after mating, death after birth". I don't want either of these aspects associated with OpenTK.
  • The guidelines 2, 5 & 6 are ignored.
  • Possible legal problem as mentioned above, people sue for the most stupid things - even simply for PR.
  • Art is very subjective, don't get insulted by my opinion ;)

Why has noone suggested a dolphin - jumping through the O of the name - so far? You're all into tentacles?

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oyvindra: did you use Inkscape? If so - could you upload the .svg file?

I don't think it is necessary that this logo is similar to OpenGL or OpenAL ... I think it is much more fun with a mascot than without one. It feels more modern and there probably is a reason why haven't seen the OpenGL/AL logos that much in games we play (they're not that good lookin'!)

What do others think?

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I like it, although I think the octopus is a little too large, it distracts from the letters (or is that just me?)
I still think it would be better with the tentacles towards the O, shrunk a little, although the additional texture is nice and I like the letters themselves in green. The orange might look better on the black background though perhaps?

Just suggestions, I'm no artist. :o)

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Mincus+ (agree with comments regarding size/orientation of octopus)