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OpenTK needs a logo

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions

Calling for contributions!

General guidelines (updated):

  1. It would be good if the website logo and splash screen logo are exactly the same. To increase recognition. That means it should work at very least on the website's background color and black background. (maybe black outline around it)
  2. The logo might be shown next to the OpenGL and OpenAL logos. It should not be too freaked out compared to them.
  3. Rather work with shapes and color, instead of glow, lensflare or other state-of-the-art effect.
  4. The logo should be sharp, not too blurry.
  5. People who use OpenTK are software engineers. Some kind of tool or parts used in engineering are good candidates for a symbol or icon. This is not limited to nuts&bolts or gears, think fine mechanics (e.g. clock) or electronics (e.g. computer hardware).
  6. OpenTK assumes cross-platform through .Net&Mono is the future. No medieval fonts. No anvil. No forge. No brutish tools.
  7. OpenTK favors productivity over full low-level control. A "simple, yet elegant" logo could imply this.


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Is this a fire... bird? Something like fire-fox, only literally? Ugh!

Some rare animals:

Arctic fox:

Harpy eagle:

White ravens:

And, of course, Animal:

Not really happy with any of these options, though. Other ideas?

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Inertia: I'm beginning to think you lack a sense of humor!

Or is it a deviously hidden irony in you message? :)

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How about a Tree Kangaroo

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hoho the kangaroo!

Never heard of the beast before! it's fluffy, looks intelligent and is cute! what more* can we ask for..?

* actually we could ask or at least hope for Inertias approval. Let's say I'm not very hopeful :)

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Free Image Hosting at
This discussion became pointless when you started going off-topic with the animal nonsense. Only little of this topic is now concerned about the fact that there needs to be some text reading "OpenTK". Not "OctopusTK". I think chances that people realize this before december are higher if I stop saying that a mascot for a programming library is a retarded idea. I'll simply keep using this and spend no more time dancing around the actual problem while ignoring it. Should this discussion come up with something better, I'll gladly replace the logo.

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My vote is still for simple, stylized text with no graphic.

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Ok, so I spent a few hours trying to find an animal with "T" and "K" in the name.

Maybe we should be looking for a Logo and a Mascot that work together but stand alone.

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@JTalton: That's the easiest way out, but it makes sense to explore different ideas.

@Djk: You hit the nail on the head. A mascot can help the branding, but the logo should be able to stand on its own.

@Everyone: A general reminder of what we are looking for.

We basically need a way to say "OpenTK" in a distinctive / artistic manner. Inertia has provided a rough idea of what we are looking for. Flopoloco has broken down the different ways to approach the problem.

Maybe I am stating the obvious here, but we are still in the brainstorming stage: gathering different ideas and designs, saying what we like or not, evolving existing ideas. Some designs will be shot down immediately. Others will mutate and survive. In the end, we'll be left with a few refined ideas - then we'll vote for the best and make it our logo.

Since we are talking about art, a subjective topic, it's highly likely that not all of us will be able to agree 100% on a design. Fortunately, there is no immediate pressure for a final decision. Branding may be important, but the project will survive without a logo, as it always has, which gives us the opportunity to do things right. And do things right we should: once we pick a design, it sticks.

It all boils down to this: creating a logo is a creative process. Don't hesitate to propose a design, even if it seems silly at the time. If nothing comes out of it, we are no worse off than before, but there's also a chance that you've hit gold!

Last but not least: we are not payed for this. All contributions are welcome, from design proposals to (constructive) criticism, provided you keep it civil and avoid personal jabs.

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