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License - Using in commercial software

I am very bad in reading licenses so I have to ask explicitly

Can I make with OpenTK a Commercial application which I will sell?
What do I need to include in About box in this case?
Is there anyhing else I should know for this subject (please, in plain english, vb or c language:)


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Is quoting the whole MIT license in the about box not a bit overkill? I'd assume it's ok if the about box states that the MIT license applies to OpenTK and have the full text located in a file somewhere in the binary folder of the software distribution?

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That is fine, too. Strictly speaking, there is no reason to quote OpenTK at all in the about box, you just need to distribute the license along with the program (a txt file is enough).

Many programs do display licenses in the about box, so it's something like a weak convention. Other approaches I've seen is to have a separate tab or button in the about box for the licenses.

In any case, I'm covered as long as the text is distributed.