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OpenGL 3.0 bindings

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:feature request
Assigned:the Fiddler

Ati has done its homework and over half of the GL 3.0 extensions are supported.

This feature request does not cover forward compatible contexts. No remarks about deprecation either.

I'd really like to see this going in 0.9.2, so we have all gremlins hunted down by the time 0.9.3 is due.


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Hm, it seems the Linux drivers got delayed. Just installed on Windows, I'll try to get a GL3 context running now.

Edit: Linux drivers are out now.

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Assigned to:Anonymous» the Fiddler
Status:confirmed» in progress

I have commited support for (full) GL3 contexts to the gl3 branch (Windows-only at the moment). To anyone interested: Please test!

I do not have my GL3-capable card installed at the moment, so I am going to need your feedback. Build a debug version of the library, run any example and search the console for a messages like:

        Creating render context (GL3)... done! (id: 65537)
        Creating render context (GL3)... failed. (GL2)... done! (id: 65537)

Please post success / failure to this thread, along with your video card, drivers and OS. Thanks!

I am going to focus on Linux now.

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Attached an OpenTK build to facilitate testing. Please run Examples.exe and check whether you get a GL2 or a GL3 context.

Examples-r1511.7z929.63 KB
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Windows XP - NVidia GeForce 8800GT
Driver 180.48 - OpenGL 2.1.2
Driver 181.22 - OpenGL 2.1.2
Driver 181.00 - OpenGL 3.0

Driver 181.00 is from which is said to support OpenGL 3.0 and does. The latest 181.22 does not.

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Thanks for testing! Did you observe any crashes or other abnormal behaviour?

Inertia mentioned a crash on his Ati system.

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Latest 181.22 driver supports OGL3. You just have to turn it on using NVEmulate:

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All seem to work good but - OpenGL 5: Vertex Arrays (hidden) - which gives a null reference exception.

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I've a similar config: WinXP SP2 Pro Eng, NV9600GT, 181.22 + NVEmulate enabled GL3.
vertex arrays failure:
System.NullReferenceException at
..\opentk\branches\gl3\Source\Examples\ExampleLauncher.cs:line 157
The rest looks ok so far. Good job!

Edit: 32bit

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Thanks guys, the problem so far seems localized to Ati drivers.

The vertex array example is broken (hence "hidden", i.e. they are only visible in debug builds), so I'm not worried about that.