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Link to latest message incorrect

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Version:all versions
Category:bug report
Assigned:the Fiddler

If a forum thread is big enough to be split into two or more pages, a new messages to that thread will result in a link in the "Recent activity" box that incorrectly points to the first page.


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This annoying bug has been reported upstream since 2004. I've been looking for a solution since the site first went online, but, unfortunately, most workarounds modify the drupal core and are not suitable for production.

Hopefully this will be solved with the next version major release.

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Version:0.9.1» all versions
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Version:all versions» 0.9.1
Status:open» closed
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Version:0.9.1» all versions

Rationale: Upstream bug that affects all versions.

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I see the issue is closed, but why split topics into multiple pages at all, if you anyways load the first page all the time? It might actually reduce workload (cache) and the "jump to latest" thing works if there is only 1 page.

In fact I find it very annoying always scrolling to the bottom of the page just to select a different page, and scroll there again.

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Assigned to:Anonymous» the Fiddler
Status:closed» open

There are three reasons for splitting the forums:

  1. Server load (fetching 30 comment nodes from the db is better than 100, especially when many users are online).
  2. Slow connections.
  3. Flat forums make it very easy to get lost in the content.

Old content actually used a threaded format (e.g. this topic), which made it easier to follow long conversations.

What I can do is duplicate the page links at the top of the page. While not perfect, it will at least get rid of the scrolling until a final solution is given from upstream

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Imho it's better the way it is, that threaded format only works if people do pay 100% attention to what they're replying. Better suited for mailing lists.

What I can do is duplicate the page links at the top of the page.
Thanks, that would already improve navigation alot.

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Fiddler, great if you could duplicate the page list at the top. No fix for the "latest message" link?

Since I've got fast internet, I don't really care if there's 500 replies in a thread, but I can see that slow connections might be a topic at other geographical locations than mine (Sweden)

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Ok, I've managed to duplicate the pager at the top of the comments section. Please select the community_test theme and see if it works for you!

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It works!