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Window location changes when cycling GameWindow border in Example program

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report

Environment: Ubuntu 8.10 32-bit fresh install + monodevelop, OpenTK 0.9.1.zip d/l:ed from sf.net,

1. mono Examples.exe
2. Run "Test: GameWindow states"
3. Move window to center of screen
4. Push '2' two times
5. Observe what happens to the window location when changing to window border state Hidden


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Cannot confirm that here (Ubuntu 8.10 amd64).

Are you running compiz? If so, what happens if you disable it?

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1. Changed System->Preferences->Appearance->Visual Effects from "Normal" to "None"
2. Problem disappeared
3. Changed back to "Normal"
4. Problem appeared again..
5. Good guess Fiddler!

Is this a bug in the Compiz software?

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Status:open» closed

It certainly looks like a bug in compiz (this report seems relevant).

I'm closing this report as this should be solved upstream.