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Issue: GameWindow Icon Support

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:feature request

I am getting to the point in my project where it would be nice to post screen shots. It would be nice to have Icon support for the GameWindow.


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Fortunately for us, we can reuse the implementation from Mono WinForms.

On X11, we simply set the NET_WM_ICON property (search for SetIcon on X11Internal.cs).

Does anyone know how this can be achieved on Win32 and/or MacOS?

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Status:open» postponed

This depends on the results of http://www.opentk.com/node/668 ("Investigate possible WinForms-based GameWindow implementation.")

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Status:postponed» closed (invalid)

This will not be implemented. Please set an application icon through your IDE.

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Version:all versions» 0.9.x-dev
Status:closed (invalid)» open

Hi, I'm using visual studio 2005, and how can I set the icon on the GameWindow class??

thanks in advance

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You can set the application icon through your project properties: right click your project in the VS2005 solution pane, select properties and click on the "Application" tab (the first one). Under the "Resources" section, you can select a custom application icon.

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thanks Fiddler, this is what I made, in fact the .exe icon is the icon that I set up in the properties of my application, but if the gamewindow is windowed the window icon is the default white form, and also in the task bar appears this icon and not the .exe icon

thanks in advance

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Status:open» confirmed

Ah, I see. Will try to fix this in one of the upcoming releases.

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thanks very much fiddler!

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having this problem as well, thanks

edit: do i need a special branch to get icons working still?

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No, there is no way to set the icon right now.

Edit: do you know how to retrieve the icon resource from the current executable? If there is a way to do this, we can add icon support trivially in the next version of OpenTK.