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OpenTK Logo

Since the old topic has grown quite large and off-topic, let's draw a line and continue from here.

This topic deals with the letters "OpenTK", font choices and design. All posts regarding the mascot will be (re)moved.

General guidelines (updated):

  1. It would be good if the website logo and splash screen logo are exactly the same. To increase recognition. That means it should work at very least on the website's background color and white background (so it can work together with GL and AL logos). If it can stand independent of background color (e.g. by a frame) that's even better.
  2. The logo might be shown next to the OpenGL and OpenAL logos. It should not be too freaked out compared to them.
  3. The logo should be serious. OpenTK is not a joke.
  4. Rather work with shapes and color, instead of glow, lensflare or other state-of-the-art effect.
  5. The logo should be sharp, not too blurry.
  6. People who use OpenTK are software engineers.
  7. OpenTK assumes cross-platform through .Net&Mono is the future. No medieval fonts. No anvil. No forge. No brutish tools.
  8. However Metal as a material is ok, if it does not show dirt, strain or corrosion (rust).
  9. OpenTK favors productivity over full low-level control. A "simple, yet elegant" logo could imply this.

Suggestions so far:



Puklaus' (click for bigger version):




Keep in mind that most of these are sketches, not supposed to be final as-is.

Fiddler put it right in his last post, so going to cite:

A general reminder of what we are looking for.

We basically need a way to say "OpenTK" in a distinctive / artistic manner. Inertia has provided a rough idea of what we are looking for. Flopoloco has broken down the different ways to approach the problem.

Maybe I am stating the obvious here, but we are still in the brainstorming stage: gathering different ideas and designs, saying what we like or not, evolving existing ideas. Some designs will be shot down immediately. Others will mutate and survive. In the end, we'll be left with a few refined ideas - then we'll vote for the best and make it our logo.

Since we are talking about art, a subjective topic, it's highly likely that not all of us will be able to agree 100% on a design. Fortunately, there is no immediate pressure for a final decision. Branding may be important, but the project will survive without a logo, as it always has, which gives us the opportunity to do things right. And do things right we should: once we pick a design, it sticks.

It all boils down to this: creating a logo is a creative process. Don't hesitate to propose a design, even if it seems silly at the time. If nothing comes out of it, we are no worse off than before, but there's also a chance that you've hit gold!

Last but not least: we are not payed for this. All contributions are welcome, from design proposals to (constructive) criticism, provided you keep it civil and avoid personal jabs.


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I've been posting logos but I haven't been commenting much. So let me put this straight:
1) I dislike 3D a.k.a. projective space in logos. It reminds me of the early 90s when computer graphics boomed and everyone wanted A Wireframe Object (TM) somewhere displayed.
2) 3D is complicated. What with icon sizes?
3) Having a 3D object propagating a graphics library is a bit cliché. I think people around OpenTK (or computers in general) are smart enough to deal with a missing dimension. Telling them "Look, 3D!" is almost offending.
4) Still, while there might be a way for a 3D logo, mixing 2D and 3D text is plain ugly. It's not a matter of spending 10 or 10 000 minutes on it. The logo breaks apart and no colors can keep it together. Or a piece is lost if the other is too visible/big/shaded/3D.

A quick search shows most logos are totally flat or with a very slight shade. Any 3D objects are flattened as much as possible so you really have something like 2.35D. This is the way we should go, stressing on elegance and/or simplicity.

Don't take this the wrong way, it is just my point of view. I'll gladly take back anything I said here If someone proves me wrong with a logo.

Edit: Just for the record, I did try pulling "TK" into space but failed horribly. As soon as First Life backs up, I'll retry.

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I think all of them work nicely. Cannot see how any of them insults anyone.

My path of thought that lead to making the "TK" 3D is the same why every bottle of milk has a cow on it: Easy identification of the contents.

Mhmmm If you take Pixar logo's design as a basis, the "O" should be a PQ-Torusknot and "penTK" written in plain text. (I believe historically it was the first non-example program written for OpenTK)

P.S. It's close to impossible to write anything into an icon .. but I think it's possible to render only the "TK" object in such a small size and use that as icon.

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Time shortens... :/ I think that there are many ideas on the table until now but it would be wise to close the brainstorming process and focus on design made out of our ideas, as far as I see we reach a creativity dead end. :P

The concepts exist and that is very positive. It's now a more of a specific process trying to link the all of the graphic ideas.

Here is a mashup, using fiddler's and nythrix's ideas. Also I used suggestions by nythtrix and inertia to:
- Drop "TK"
- Use only flat 2D
- Avoid subliminal messages xD (with human genitals)

What I think for the future of the logo?
- Serious plain and simple logo
- Theme: Scientific / Developer / CAD
- Mascott? Should be merged with the text or exist as a separate entity?

P.S. From a skeptic's aspect of view, humans are imperfect, so why their logos should be perfect? The best thing we can do is to make a simple recognizable logo just to fill the void. You guessed right, I study Haskell the past 5 days... :P

opentk_dec.PNG31.88 KB
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So far I like oyvindra's with full-height TK best.

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Here goes some 3Dish logo. The idea is: "Open" standing out of the regular plain/plane with "TK" being some robust block you can build on.

The cube can be modified to match flopolocos "scentific/CAD look" and it should fit in an icon too.

Is this any better than a plain text?

Btw: There's only two 3D logos in that list and one of them (UNIGIS) is seriously out of date. So my point still holds I guess.

Edit: The logo should contain some orange. It fits very nicely with the blue around here.
Edit2: I know shadows aren't correct so never mind the looks. Take it as a beta version.
Edit3: As per request

nythrix_pic_opentklogo04c.png7.39 KB
nythrix_pic_opentklogo04b.png9.73 KB
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I think we should be careful not to be confused with tk/tcl (tkinter in python) applications when we make an icon later on. I seem to remember a lot of the tk applications had an icon with "tk" as default.

Here is also the logo I think Objarni likes

OpenTKblack.png17.09 KB
OpenTKblue.png19.06 KB
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I like nythrix's logo, but I would suggest getting rid of the shadow under the word "Open" and just keep the shadow of the box.

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Indeed, the orange box is pretty good. Ripping the idea with the ground plane from Pixar and cast shadows to fake perspective is much nicer than a simple background. So far I like this approach most from all suggestions, just the box felt to me like a too simple 3D object. Couldn't resist but trying a collage with the twisted TK and this style. (Shadow casts are obviously cheap fakes atm.)

Don't sue, please. ;-) I believe both logos would work on blue background aswell, without the black border around it. The blue -> white gradient on the website can be removed if necessary.

nythrix_pic_ripped.png16.81 KB
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That's not bad either. I really think though that the shadows should be dropped from the 2D "Open" and just kept for the 3D "TK".

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Indeed, the orange box is pretty good. Ripping the idea with the ground plane from Pixar and cast shadows to fake perspective is much nicer than a simple background.
I made a couple of ground logos before but just text and shadows. None of them made it to this thread because I wasn't satisfied. Yesterday I started from scratch mixing pixar, gtk, xna and my previous orange TKs.
just the box felt to me like a too simple 3D object.
I'm perfectly fine with us having different tastes. I'm not forcing mine on anyone.
Don't sue, please. ;-) I believe both logos would work on blue background aswell, without the black border around it. The blue -> white gradient on the website can be removed if necessary.
If this goes commercial, I want my share :) As for the rest I'm fine. I'd vote for a green to orange switch on these pages. Would look better probably.
Edit: Damn, I forgot commenting. Can you try a sans-serif font? The T looks like a macho man with huge shoulders and arms. And what did you use? As a beginner I suck with inkscape (or vector graphics for the matter:).