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OpenTK Mascot

Since the old topic has grown quite large and off-topic, let's draw a line and continue from here.

This topic deals with the Mascot only. The mascot may be shown together with a placeholder logo, but all posts unrelated to the Mascot in it will be (re)moved.

Oyvindra's proposals:

Fiddler's propsals:

Djk's proposals:


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Keep in mind that ideas are still being collected. There's no requirement for the Mascot to be an animal - think super-cool heavily-armed Battlemech!

"OpenTK was the next logical step in evolution after climbing down from the trees." -Darwin

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cool mech!

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Don't let that limit you imagination though. think 2 animals like Tom&Jerry (some kind of interaction between them). A Battlemech chasing down a bug?

Another example:

Predatory birds (falcon?) have some attributes that might work well. It doesn't really make a difference whether you fly over land or over sea (-> cross platform), good perception (-> code clarity), good tactical overview due to height (-> not lowlevel), not constrained by gravity etc...

Suggestions do not require an example image or a detailed interpretation of the perks of an animal, but you should consider that people associate certain aspects with certain animals, which will affect how well the suggestion works.

P.S. the mascot will most likely not be a photography.

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My favourite is the meerkat

The sentry guy says something like: you concentrate on what's important, I (opentk) will take care of the rest.

I almost lost my teeth laughing when I saw that mech.

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I had a laughing fit with the mech, too - that was unexpected! Meerkats are bloody fantastic creatures, btw (sorry, nothing constructive to add right now :) )

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falcon/eagles etc. are a bit too much ww2 to me .. reminds me of nazi symbols. too bad, because it is a nice animal.

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That a clan vulture?

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Tbh I'm not sure. The image has 'vulture' in the name, so you're probably right. It was the first picture with suitable dimension that showed up on goggle picture search for "battlemech". I just needed something robot-like to make clear that it doesn't have to be an animal.

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Today, I used some state diagrams at work for (software designing purposes), I immediately wanted to show you guys this one...

It's exactly what I think of OpenToolkit is, fun to use but serious at work.

About the graphic... Generally, it's a happy face, but how this graphic can be converted to something specific? Well it look like a bug to me (yikes :P !!! )... you can't change that :/ fame-is-fame. But you can go against this stereotype, you can propose that Open Source software is not buggy (at least for a period of time), it's organic, it's evolving continuously. So a bug for a mascot it's somehow an activist's perception of the software.

Alternatively, you can change this "happy" face to an octopus -we talked previously- and play safe and formal.

P.S. I just throw ideas on the table, do not judge me :). If you don't agree then ignore my message, just to prevent the conversation disorientation.
P.S.2 Not to mention historically that bugs were crawling inside computers... You know computers as large as buildings. ;)

Keep it up. :)

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(I've moved flopoloco's post because it was not related to the letters "OpenTK".)

Interesting idea, we're actually calling bugs Gremlins. Cute little things that mess with our mechanics, which can be remedied with proper feed and care. ;)