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Build help!

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to build OpenTK for the first time.

Mono works fine (can run OpenTK examples).

I then downloaded NAnt (0.85 Release .tar.gz) and unarchived it.

Problem: I know how PATH works in linux (same as windows basically) - but since what I am trying to do is running "mono NAnt.exe" I guess it is *mono* and not the system that has to find NAnt, right? I looked in "mono --help", did not make me any wiser.



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The manual contains detailed build instructions for linux.

As a rule of thumb, you should not download stuff yourself. The package manager (System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager on Ubuntu) contains thousands of ready-to-use applications. Either install nant from there, or (if you prefer typed commands), simply type on a terminal:

sudo apt-get install nant

Afterwards, you can build OpenTK by navigating to the Build/ directory and typing:

mono Build.exe mono

Alternatively, you can avoid nant completely by using the MonoDevelop IDE. Again, from the Build/ directory of OpenTK type:

mono Build.exe md


mono Build.exe vs

and double-click the resulting file.

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What SVN client software do you use for ubuntu? I kinda miss TortoiseSVN right now ..

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MonoDevelop, Eclipse and most other major IDEs have integrated SVN clients. I've also seen a couple of standalone SVN GUIs for Linux, but between the IDE and the odd trip to the terminal I've never found a need.

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RapidSVN asks "user/password" when I try to download the text-branch via RapidSVN under Ubuntu.

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It shouldn't. Does it have an option for anonymous checkout? What happens if you enter nothing?

In any case just open a terminal, and:

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Super-thanks Fiddler, sorry for being such an Ubuntu noob!

* I tried building the OpenTK0.9.1 release, worked (also tried mono Example.exe, worked)

* I tried building the text branch ('mono Build.exe mono' in Build directory), did not work, see attached result.txt

I'm going to sleep now cya around!

result.txt18.98 KB
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Oops, I made a change on the build instructions that confused the dependency generation. Thanks for catching.

Also don't apologize for being new to something, we all passed through that stage. For example, I managed to kill my first Debian installation by typing "rm -rf /" as root (I still don't know what I was thinking at the time). On my second try, I accidentally unzipped a few thousand files to my desktop and thought to delete them with - what else? - a regular expression (bad, bad idea!) Well, it kinda worked, but took down my whole home dir in the process - including my homework, projects and everything else. :)

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That is tough (both examples)!

I once sold an old PC forgetting I put all my Amiga+C64 backup files (years of my own and my brothers produced material: programming&graphics&sound..). First thing the buyer did was of course reformat C: so the next day when called him it was too late :/

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The issue with the svn build should now be resolved. Objarni, can you please test that the latest revision builds correctly?

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At work now, can try at home tonight (six hours from now). Will report back here.