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Build help!

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to build OpenTK for the first time.

Mono works fine (can run OpenTK examples).

I then downloaded NAnt (0.85 Release .tar.gz) and unarchived it.

Problem: I know how PATH works in linux (same as windows basically) - but since what I am trying to do is running "mono NAnt.exe" I guess it is *mono* and not the system that has to find NAnt, right? I looked in "mono --help", did not make me any wiser.



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Thanks, no prob.

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OK after 'svn up ' and a 'mono Build.exe mono' I tried the "WinForms 0: Text rendering sample" program. Can only see first character, see image below.


[mod edit: big image caused problems to the layout]

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This seems to be a bug in Mono's GDI+ implementation. I've added a simple workaround, but the fix is not in svn yet.