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Future of Managed Code?

Not a fresh new, but I found this very interesting to share. This article that talks about a possible future of .NET and Mono code processing.


Oh boy, I can't imagine what we will do in 10 years from now with our cell-based PCs. :P There were be too many cores to keep every user happy.


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I'm curious, why do you assume cell processors are what we will be working with in 10 years? There are some interesting articles on www.devx.com about parallel programming, and if you look closely you'll see that the examples where multi-core processors shine are usually not very close to reality. Most applications and games simply require a certain order of operations and cannot take full advantage of parallel designs.

I'm not claiming multi-core processors are a trend that will die. Certainly not. But I've doubts that it's the ultimative answer, don't believe the hype! :p

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Though, it would be interesting to find out what happens in a PS3-Linux machine...