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New release: OpenTK 0.3.6 alpha

After a long long time, a new OpenTK distribution is released to the wild... You'll be happy to know that more than 100 man-hours have gone into writing, debugging, testing, tuning and deploying this release (no kidding!)

What's new:
* Major updates to the binding generator guarantee that all available OpenGL extensions are generated.
* Now uses the very latest OpenGL specs (which include support for shader model 4!)
* Speed increase to all OpenGL function calls.
* Preliminary high-level bindings for Display Lists (DisplayList class), plus a new example that demonstrates its usage.
* Too many bugfixes to recount here!

Visit the project page for downloads.

Where do we go from here? The low-level OpenGL bindings are about 75% complete, and should be close to 90% within the next two releases. Updates to the Context and the Framework classes will probably come next, followed by the high-level bindings and the Timer module. Work on documentation and examples is always going on. These things should be enough for the first stable release (0.4.0) - as for beyond that, we'll see.

Happy coding!