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Hey all,

Things are going well. Slowly coding away. I am hoping to release a new version of Golem (it's been a year!) soon that is built on OpenTK using the GameWindow, fonts, and cross-platform support. I'm still really excited about OpenTK. Holding my breath for some of the new features. I know there is the issue tracking system, but is there a roadmap for new features? I am trying to change my schedule around to find more time outside of work and family to devote to coding. Is there anything I can help with in OpenTK?

New Font Support
I am patiently waiting and hoping for this.

OpenGL 3.0 Support
Hoping to remove deprecated functions and move to OpenGL 3.0. Waiting on support.

Mac OS X Support
Looking good! Very excited to have this support.

GameWindow Support: Window Icon - Window Placement - Mouse Grab
I am looking forward to these enhancements.


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I've been thinking on this too. If all works well, then it does a lot for OpenTK. If there is problems, well we are relying on external code.
Are there any thoughts that OpenTK may target something other than Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux? Such as the Wii or the iPhone?

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Having two implementations would double the necessary work - what is the advantage? A note here that winforms already provide something called NativeWindow, which is used for WinGLNative.

About Wii, iPhone etc, there are several roadblocks: that they don't support OpenGL (only OpenGL ES) and they require a commercial Mono license. Even if OpenTK itself could run on these platforms, you wouldn't be able to port your programs due to the lack of OpenGL. Unless I am missing something?

Off-topic: is anyone else having problems accessing the OpenTK repository? I always get a connection these last 3 days or so.

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What are the advantages for me as an OpenTK developer (under Windows/Ubuntu/Mac) of making the changes kanato/JTalton suggest?

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The main advantage in my mind is that it gives OpenTK users a fallback during a transitionary period between NativeGLWindow and GLControl based window, until the GLControl version has been sufficiently tested on a variety of platforms and systems. So I guess in a sense we keep the native implementations but deprecate them.

I think it would be interesting to see OpenTK run on systems like the GP2x Wiz or the OpenPandora. For these systems you wouldn't need a commercial mono license, since they just run Linux as an OS. It seems like OpenGL ES is mostly restricted to using vertex arrays and single-precision floating point data (in some cases fixed point), 2D textures, and a few other things. It might be that porting games with simple requirements to OpenGL ES wouldn't be too much work, but I really don't have any experience with ES. This is a pretty low priority for OpenTK at the moment, I think, but it might be interesting to look into eventually, once the majority of the issues with desktop operating systems are worked out.

As an aside, I have a GP2X (not a wiz, so no 3D support) which I compiled mono for, but I wasn't able to actually get it working before getting distracted by other things.

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Is there an update on this? Is the thought to move to a WinForms-based GameWindow. I think it is a good idea and am wondering where it is at.

How is the TextRenderer coming along? I have tweaked the way I use the current TextRenderer and want to see how the new one does. I ran my applicaiton on Linux and it runs good, but the text does not get aligned the same way as it does on Windows.

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I have made some quick tests on a WinForms-based GameWindow and it seems to work. However, there are some open questions that need to be answered before making this change:

  1. Is there a performance penalty? I am mostly worried about memory usage (there should be absolutely no per-frame allocations on either runtime.)
  2. Will we still be able to distinguish left / right key modifiers (e.g. ControlLeft vs ControlRight) and use more than 5 mouse buttons?
  3. Are there any additional constraints on available pixel formats?

Right now, I am getting ready to merge the text branch to trunk and, if everything goes according to plan, release 0.9.2 later today or tomorrow.