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Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi replacement

Project:The Open Toolkit library
Category:bug report
Assigned:the Fiddler

Functions that return pointers to strings, such as GL.GetString, use wrappers that convert the returned pointer to managed strings, i.e:

static extern IntPtr glGetString(StringName name);
public static string GetString(StringName name)
    return Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(glGetString(name));

This wrapper can be written as follows for a 5x-10x speed increase:

public static string GetString(StringName name)
    unsafe { return new string((sbyte*)glGetString(name)); }

We have to investigate if this works regardless of the current culture. If so the generator should be modified to use the second wrapper instead of the first.


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Priority:normal» minor
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Title:Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi is slow and generates garbage.» Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi replacement

Updated title.

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Status:open» fixed

Implemented in SVN trunk.

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Version:0.9.x-dev» 1.0-beta-1
Status:fixed» closed

Closing issues fixed in 1.0 beta-1.