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I think we just passed the 300 registered users mark. Go community!!!
A warm welcome to all new members and a thank you to the OpenTK team and contributors.

P.S.: The movie was great too.


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Where did you see this nythrix?

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I can confirm that we are at exactly 300 users right now (including the "test bot" I use to test the site.)

I liked the comic better than the movie, though. :)

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Where did you see this nythrix?
Hovering the mouse over usernames shows their "id number" at the statusbar. I figured it's on a simple num++ basis. So, I was following this for a couple of days, checking every new username I came across :)

If that's true than I have to get that comic somewhere.

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Yep, it's a simple num++. You can also type www.opentk.com/user/#, increasing # until you get a "page not found" error.

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That's very positive, congrats to OpenTK team fellows! :)