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Print a Vertical Text on GL

Hi Guys,

I am trying to print a vertical text on the screen.
I tried to override the Textprinter class but failed.

Any suggestions or code snippet?

Thanks much,


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This is not possible with the current implementation, but it's being worked on in the "text" branch.

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Thanks Fiddler.

I am really waiting for the new release with the enhanced text function.
Do you have any eta on that?

Thanks for the hard work, man.

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No eta, sorry. The heavy lifting is done, but polish is taking more time than expected.

What's left to implement:

  1. Check whether resolution independent text is readable.
  2. Fix a bug that causes glyphs to disappear.
  3. Implement GL1.1 compatibility (needs 1.2 right now).
  4. Enable Vertical and RightToLeft layout modes.
  5. Some minor API modifications.
  6. Documentation.
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No hurry man!