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GL.SupportsExtension ("VERSION_2_0") returns false, OpenGL Extension Viewer disagrees

OpenGL Extension Viewer 3.0 reports that I have full OGL 2.0 support and the tests run fine but the OpenTK OGL version test returns false for 2.0.

Windows Vista Business
Intel integrated GMA4500MHD (latest drivers afaik)
.Net 3.5 SP1

VERSION_1_5 also returns false, VERSION 1_1 returns true


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Can you please post the output of:


This should give a hint as to what is going on.

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it gives me: "2.0.0 - Build"

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This looks like a bug in OpenTK, then. I'll check this when I get back from work.

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since I forgot I'll just add that I'm using OpenTk 0.9.2

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Thanks, this was a bug introduced in 0.9.2 - fixed now.