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Need help with GLWidget

Can anybody give me a simple example of using GLWidget?
I want to write opengl application and I wrote a main part of it using GameWindow. Now I need to "place" it inside a window with a buttons, labels and others. But I don't understand how drawing on GLWidget. Help me please.


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Oops, sorry. Wrong thread! :)

Edit: GameWindow cannot be used with GTK# (or WinForms or any other toolkit for that matter), so you'll have to rewrite some of your code for GLWidget. I am not familiar with GLWidget, but it should provide a "Paint" event, where you can place your GL commands.

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GLWidget is a GTK# OpenGL control for use in a GTK# application. It is not part of OpenTK.
GLControl is a WinForms OpenGL control for use in a WinForms application. It is part of OpenTK.
The OpenTK GameWindow is for making an application that does not use GTK# or WinForms but instead it's own window.

If you are talking about GLWidget at, you can check out the test application at

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Thank you very much!!!