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URGENT-Texture not visible on other PC-s

I am using the texturing code I found around here and everything is nice, but today I tried my app on other PC-s and instead of a texture its just white!
Everything else works fine. I also tried stupidity like btnTest.Image = bitmap; to check if path was correct.

Other PC-s have WinXP and GForce 4200Ti and GF5600 and I deveopped it on vista and GF8600 where everythign is normal.



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Sorry for the alarm, I did got it now...
on other graphic cards it can not load 1024x768 textures. As soon as I resized them to 512x256 they appeared

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You should check that the card supports GL_ARB_texture_non_power_of_two before using non-power-of-two textures.

All GL2.0+ cards should support NPOT textures, provided their drivers are up-to-date.

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And you should always check glGetError result after each OpenGL call to verify if function has executed propely (in you case it is glTexImage2D). That way you will find errors much faster. You can do this error checking automatically by using tools like GLintercept or glDEBugger.

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Pardon my ignorance - is any of those tools for .NET/VisualStudio?

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As an add-on, you mean? No, although glDEBugger comes with its own IDE.

These tools intercept OpenGL function calls and collect information about performance, the current state (including errors), textures, shaders and other things. The more advanced tools can display and modify these resources on the fly.

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Those tools works independent from used IDE or programming language.

But GLintercept works very nicely together with VisualStudio debugger. You just configure GLintercept to break debugger on OpenGL error and it will in runtime stop program inside VS debugger (of course, if you are running program under debugger) on code line that has caused OpenGL error. Of course it works also without debugger - it writes log file of called opengl functions and errors to text file which you can examine later.

Don't know nothing about glDEBugger - it is commercial software, I don't have it.

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fiddler, martin

Thanks! GLintercept (which I guess is free) would be gold worth if developing a larger OpenGL app!

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It's not only free, it is open-source :)
And works under Linux and WIndows.

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Linux too? I googled a little, and the official page said "future feature" was "Linux and other platforms" or similar... Link?

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Source code has lot of stuff for Linux. Like "#ifdef GLI_BUILD_LINUX" and more...