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Math functions


I am a C++ developper and i want to start to code in C#.
I don't know if i will use OpenTK or XNA.
I fear to have less utilities functions in OpenTK.

i have made a math library in C++ for OpenGL which is very close to D3DX and i don't have the knowledge in C# to convert it in optimized and clean C#.
If you are interested, you can use its source code to had more math functions to OpenTK (even if my code is not the best):

I hope it can help you in the OpenTK project.


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Thanks for the link, I will check it out.

OpenTK would be closer to SlimDX than XNA, functionally - both contain low-level bindings plus utility functions (e.g. fonts, math). XNA, on the other hand, is higher-level and commercially backed.

If you want your program to work on non-Windows platforms, OpenTK is the only choice.

If you want higher-level functionality (i.e. an engine, not a toolkit), check out Unity3D or Irrlicht3D.