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First entry - TexImage is complicated!

This is my first blog entry here! Fun feature Fiddler...

Anyway - believe it or not but today was the first time I tried texturing using OpenTK. I stumbled on the TexImage2D method - I had forgot how cumbersome that method is to get right.

So I gave up for the day, but just got an idea - maybe some OpenTK user has written a Bitmap-to-texture utility function..?


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This is the first blog entry ever! How does it feel being a beta tester? :p

You have to thank JTalton for the idea, actually.

Regarding your question, check out the texture example. This is the relevant code:

            GL.GenTextures(1, out texture);
            GL.BindTexture(TextureTarget.Texture2D, texture);
            BitmapData data = bitmap.LockBits(new Rectangle(0, 0, bitmap.Width, bitmap.Height),
                ImageLockMode.ReadOnly, System.Drawing.Imaging.PixelFormat.Format32bppArgb);
            GL.TexImage2D(TextureTarget.Texture2D, 0, PixelInternalFormat.Rgba, data.Width, data.Height, 0,
                OpenTK.Graphics.PixelFormat.Bgra, PixelType.UnsignedByte, data.Scan0);
            GL.TexParameter(TextureTarget.Texture2D, TextureParameterName.TextureMinFilter, (int)TextureMinFilter.Linear);
            GL.TexParameter(TextureTarget.Texture2D, TextureParameterName.TextureMagFilter, (int)TextureMagFilter.Linear);

It's a little ugly, but fortunately you can tuck it all into a Texture2D class and forget about it. As it happens, I've written several such classes for textures, shaders, VBOs, FBOs etc that I intend to clean them up and post in due time. Have to get the project database going first, though.

Edit: just found that every blog comes with an RSS feed out of the box. Nice!

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Cool, I'll check that out tomorrow... and when the projects/utilities database is up, some of those classes would be great there!

BTW the "Latest commits"-box is another great idea, maybe you can take credit for that instead Fiddler ??

Thanks JTalton for the blog idea - this site does seem to be more "alive" already ;)

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Actually I came across the "latest commits" idea while reading your "Producing open source software" link. :)

The book has a section about version control best-practices and how to facilitate code review (http://producingoss.com/en/vc.html#commit-emails).

I think blogs will work nicely as an avenue to talk about projects or anything, really. It's too early to tell, but they should compliment the project database nicely.