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In more serious news, here is a screenshot of the sexy extension viewer the Fiddler commited recently. I After I added the entrypoints column, and the params to each method it was quite easy to find the cause of the bug I described on http://www.opentk.com/node/534?page=1.


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Holy velociraptors! Now I'm half tempted to change all 'blog' references to 'blag'. Must... resist!..

Edit: interesting idea. Mind posting or pming the code?

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I will pm you the patch in a minute.

Edit, could not attach a file in a pm, so I will attach it here. I packed the relevant files, since I dont know how to tell tortoise to use custom options for diff (visual studio messed with the indenting)

entension.tgz5.62 KB
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Thanks a lot, I'll see if I can squeeze that into tomorrow's release.

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You're welcome. I'm happy to be able to contrubute something :)