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windows 2000 support


I've tried the examples on my system (win2k), and none of them run because you're explicitely pinvoking GetRawInputDeviceInfo on user32.dll, which doesn't exist on windows 2000. Directx doesn't use it on win2k, so I'm sure there must be another way of polling input devices. It would be great if that could be fixed... :)



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Yep, OpenTK won't run on Win2K and previous versions. I've always meant to fix that, but it was low priority because, well, as far as I know noone actually tried OpenTK on these platforms before! :)

Strange thing is that the InputDriver checks for windows version 5.1+ and should have reported the platform as unsupported. Oh well, guess there is a bug lurking in that code. The fix is easy enough (a check and a very simple input driver), I'll try to add support during the weekend.

Edit: Now that I think of it, OpenTK should run, but the GameWindow will fail. You can still use the GLControl for example to draw on a Windows.Form without issue.