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The Open Toolkit library 0.9.5

Download: opentk-0.9.5.html
Size: 405 bytes
md5_file hash: 105545b5e9226c0bbeec70e1cf153475
First released: 8 March, 2009 - 23:09
Last updated: 8 March, 2009 - 23:12

[ Overview]

This release adds inline documentation to OpenTK.Graphics.GL,
adds support for OpenGL 3.0 on Linux, improves joystick
support on all platforms and fixes the mapping between unsigned
and signed OpenGL functions (e.g. Uniform1ui vs Uniform1i).

Please report any issues you may encounter at

[API changes]

No breaking changes were introduced in OpenTK 0.9.5. Please note
that binary compatibility is not preserved between beta releases.

It is now possible to use joystick-like devices that contain 0 axes
and / or buttons (e.g. tablets). Make sure that your application
checks device capabilities before trying to use a joystick


+ Bind
	+ Added support for inline OpenGL documentation.
	+ Fixed mapping between signed / unsigned wrappers -> signed / unsigned entry points (casts should no longer be necessary).
+ Build
	+ Added System.Xml reference to Bind project.
	+ Added new documentation files to Bind project.
+ OpenTK
	+ GameWindow / GLControl
		+ Added new constructors to select the desired GraphicsContext version and flags.
	+ Graphics
		+ The GL class now contains inline documentation.
		+ It is now possible to specify desired version and flags for the OpenGL context (forward-compatible, debug).
	+ Input
		+ It is now possible to use devices without axes and/or buttons (e.g. keyboard extensions, tablets).
	+ Platform
		+ X11 platform driver now uses glXChooseFBConfig for visual selection, if available.
		+ X11 platform driver now supports GLX_ARB_create_context (OpenGL 3.0).
+ Examples
	+ Extension test now requests an OpenGL 3.0 context.
	+ Extension test now shows the parameters of each OpenTK.Graphics.GL function.