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Need a starter guide

Hi! i'm a little newbie about openAL. I've to make a program that plays simultanouslly two diferent sound files (by the time, they're in wave format), with independet gain control under Visual C++ .Net.

By this time, i've done it but calling an executable that i've made from the example PlayWave from OpenAL on Native C++, BUT it is a little uggly for my users to see a console appearing every time they push a play button.

I know it is simople, but every code i found related with OpenTK is oriented to C#.

The point is: is there any OpenTK in Visual C++ .Net for dummies or something like that, some little examples, nothing complicated, as a startning point, for just playing some sound files??

I've developed the rest of the program under Visual Studio 2005 in C++ .Net.

Thanks a lot, I'd really appreciate your help!



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OpenTK cannot be used from pure C++, so I assume you mean C++/CLI?

Noone has contributed any C++/CLI examples, but the code is simple enough that you should be able to port it even if you don't know C#.

The basic idea is that you create an AudioContext^ to initialize OpenAL and one or more AudioReader^ instances to load wav files. You can then play back the audio using AL::BufferData, AL::Source and AL::SourcePlay.

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you're right the tree didn't let me see the forest. Added the references, the code was as simpke as this:

AudioContext^ audio;
audio = gcnew AudioContext();
AudioReader^ arch1 = gcnew AudioReader("DW01.wav");
int buff1 = AL::GenBuffer();
int sour1 = AL::GenSource();
AL::BufferData(buff1, arch1->ReadToEnd());
AL::Source(sour1, ALSourcei::Buffer, buff1);

well, thanks for make me take some confidence in myself!