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Progress: High quality OpenGL fonts!

OpenTK can now load and display truetype fonts! They are rendered with antialiasing and hinting/grid fitting if the underlying implementation supports it, and they look really really nice (see the screenshot if you don't believe me! :) )

The implementation is built on a simple idea: use the cross-platform System.Drawing namespace to render glyphs, upload them to an OpenGL texture and use it to render text. The current implementation uses display lists and requires OpenGL 1.1. I'm still working on performance (I hope to reach about 100k 32-point glyphs per second), but it is looking good already.

On another note, the next version will add support Windows 98, ME and 2000. Mac OS X support will come in the future (as soon as I can get my hands on a machine for testing :) ). As always, you can try out the new features using the code from svn if you are impatient (download instructions).

Oh, and if you have any ideas on how to improve font-rendering performance, please tell me!

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