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MPSView it`s part of my project "MPSExpress". MPSView need for view of results of hydrodinamcs simulation (TEMPESTMORE more on MPSView based on OpenTK, runned under WindowsXP.


MPSView это часть моего проекта "MPSExpress".
MPSView используется для просмотра результатов гидродинамического моделирования в симуляторе TEMPEST MORE.


I finish next part of code:

1. Loading model from file (specific format *.grd)
2. Use DisplayList for drawing solid+wireframe model
3. Remove z-fighting

Now, i work at camera manipulations.

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The image looks very interesting. What does it represent?

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Geological model of oil field.
OpenGL good platform for sience programming, not XNA.

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It's true and that's why most visualization, VR and relevant scientific project use OpenGL. DirectX/XNA were designed specifically for games and don't have any notion of clustering, quad-stereo and things like that.

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...and converted to C++

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...and after 3 year, I`ll come back to C# and OpenTK :)