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problems with trunk

so when I switched from 0.12 to the 0.13 in the trunk, the glControl that I'm using stops displaying any opengl output (including even a different clearcolor). I've spent a couple hours on this, looking at my code, but can't figure it out (I have a feeling its something having to do with buffers or something, but can't pin it down). The same compiled dll does work for the examples tho, so I don't know what the deal is. Any insights into what could have changed would be really appreciated


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Ok, a couple of questions to help pinpoint the issue:

1) Linux or Windows?

2) What video card and driver version are you using? (I have a couple of different makes available for debugging)

3) What is the bitdepth of your desktop? (16/24/32)

4) Does the GLControl work for some time before stopping? If yes, does it always stop at the same place/command?

5) Are you using multiple threads/GLControls in the same Form?

I have done some rather big changes in GLControl, but haven't had the time to test everything yet. This could be a threading issue - try calling GLControl.MakeCurrent() just before rendering to see if it helps.

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1. windows
2. radeon X1600
3. 32 bit
4. nope, doesn't work from the getgo. can't even set a clear color.
5. no, only 1 glcontrol. I do call MakeCurrent before my rendering, with seemingly no effect

I am going to try updating my source from SVN and seeing if I still have the issue


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* rather, I can set any clear color I want (no exceptions pop up), but it only shows the bg color of the control

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can you copy/paste the init part and the draw functions (at least the most important part).