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Widget library OSS?

Project:Golem 3D Model Editor
Category:feature request

I think your widgets look awsome!

Do you have any plans on releasing that part of the project as open source software? It would be really cool to have an alternative to Windows.Forms when developing tools for games. After all, mono's WinForm-implementation isn't 100% reliable, IME.


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There is a plan for releasing the user interface library that Golem3D is using as open source. There are still a few things that need to be finished up before it would be at a point that I would feel comfortable putting it out there. I will look into what needs to be finished and make a separate project with tasks to be done. I have a couple of ideas for a name of the library. I would be interested if anyone had any suggestions of their own.

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Great news ... But don't be too hesitant, after all, OpenTK has been open source for a long time, and I think it is of great benefit to have so many "eyes" on the project, the quality is raising so to speak.

The same would hold true for Spooks (or whatever you're gonna call the UI lib!).