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What OpenTK version does it expect..?

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Looks like a huge effort you've put into this project! I can see md3 and dds loaders too..

I tried both OpenTK 0.9.1 and 0.9.4, but got different error messages from both. For example, using 091 I got:

Error	2	'OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont' does not contain a definition for 'MeasureText' and no extension method 'MeasureText' accepting a first argument of type 'OpenTK.Graphics.TextureFont' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)	C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\oogl\oogl\trunk\OOGL\GUI\Abstract\BaseFrame.cs	463	40	OOGL.GUI

[ One way to simplify this kind of thing, is to include OpenTK in the distribution of OOGL on sourceforge.net. I don't think it violates any license.. ]


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Have you added a reference to OpenTK.Utilities?

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I'll double check that tonight, but I did add it at least once to one of the projects :)

I found a note in the OOGL readme that it was compiled against rev. 1367 (approximately).

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Yeah, that's a good idea. I've been developing OOGL against that revision due to it's stability for me. I update it against a newer release version soon and include it with the project.

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There are some issues with 0.9.6 and 0.9.7 that are preventing me from targeting them with this. Maybe, I will just include the OpenTK builds that I am using in a References folder.

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Which are the blocking issues?

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It was a bunch of minutia. I'll spare you the gory details.

Anyhow, I have worked around them all and have commited OOGL with references to OpenTK 0.9.7.

I am including my assemblies in the References folder as they are slightly modified to include the interleaved scheduler and RunSimple() main loop.

Also, I have aligned my code to use the new MouseButtonEventArgs and MouseMoveEventArgs structures that are now available in OpenTK.

Fiddler, I am seeing a bug with MouseMoveEventArgs having incorrect zero values for XDelta and YDelta while Mouse.XDelta and Mouse.YDelta are showing the correct values. I am trying to gather more info now.

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Oh, BTW, I think the DDS loader is Inertia's.

Thanks for reminding me. I should credit him in OOGL until he adds the code to OpenTK (at which point I will use the OpenTK version)

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